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Visionary Society Quest in conflict
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What is an Impossible Question?

In every area of life we meet a mystery, a disjunction between the way things are now and how they should be. There is a conflict between our limited knowledge, our weak nature, our poorly formed social institutions, and our higher nature and our highest vision. This conflict is a good thing. It is an opportunity to step off the treadmill and reimagine our entire approach.

Solving the problem intellectually or through some kind of social plan will not help much. Instead, focus your attention on the intractable enigma.

Join us in entering into the mystery of this impossible, beautiful question. If you ask the question fully, with all your will, and with good will, an answer will appear – one that challenges our assumptions and reconceives our humanity.

“The question is the beginning of all thinking. In knowing how to ask the right question lies the only hope of arriving at an answer.” Abraham Heschel, Man Is Not Alone 

“We never put the impossible question – we are always putting the question of what is possible. If you put an impossible question, your mind then has to find the answer in terms of the impossible – not of what is possible. It was impossible to go to the moon… If you put it with tremendous earnestness, with seriousness, with passion, you’ll find out. But if you say, ‘Oh, it is possible,’ then you are stuck.” J. Krishnamurti, The Impossible Question
Why do we fight our own brothers?
In a competitive society, is a deep response to global conflict possible? Can we find what is good in each other, and respect and understand and help our adversaries? Is force necessary? Is gentle love possible?
Quest Path
Set forth on a voyage to resolve the impossible question in conflict

→   Explore the meaning of conflict and peace in Topics.
→   Join the Places you use in the area of Conflict, hold them and yourself accountable for being meaningful.
Explore Topics in the area of Conflict, including the meaning of conflict, conflicts you are involved in (directly or indirectly), etc...
→   Explore Pledges in the area of Conflict, and invite police officers, soldiers, lawyers, etc to join.
→   Join others in accepting the invitation for this Quest!
Join the businesses you use in the conflict category to understand how they work and make them better.
Show your support for businesses with heart and soul, that you would like friends and members to participate with.
Instead of force, use gentle love
Work for your vision in these conflict categories
Prison: Everyone, even those who have injured others & who deserve punishment, should be treated respectfully.
Military: Fight for the good. Use military force for protection, assistance, and building, not aggression.
Police: "Protect, Help and Understand." Help people in trouble, not just with immediate needs, but with what is of lasting importance.
Coast Guard
Now, select your Location

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Explore Topics to ...
– Explore conflicts your nation is involved in (such as Iraq and Afghanistan).
– Visit participating local peace non-profits. Learn about national peace organizations.
– Understand the grievances of the opposing side.
– Understand the suffering of the opposing side.
– Understand your own role in aggression.

Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love
Each of us is guilty before everyone and for everyone
Practice mindfulness, acquire the capacity to see and understand
To put an end to outward war, you must put an end to war in yourself
Radical non-violence (ahimsa) resolves conflict
Without love action only leads to greater harm and misery
Public Events
Bring the insights and opportunities presented here to the public!
Profound Peace
Profound Peace is resolving conflict at the root level, through introspection and direct, personal, collaborative action. Whether in our personal life, locally or globally, we can step out of the cycle of violence.
Annual public event for sharing deep responses to conflict. It is meant to be an alternative to standard activism, presenting tools for deep peace and responding to global conflicts:

Work on each element...

Pledge for Spirituality
Spirituality Pledge
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Spirituality Pledge
Accept only that which you understand directly.Bring spirituality into your everyday life, including work, leisure, family and friends.Learn about and respect all spiritual efforts.Passionate yearning for ultimate meaning.Find out what is sacred.Become capable of spirituality, freedom, love, good.Reform the acquisitive spirit. Do not worship power, success, money, security, or happiness.
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Pledge for Work and Money
Money - Work Pledge
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Money - Work Pledge
Make money a force for good in your life. Reduce the time and energy you spend getting and using things. Support businesses that are striving for good. Do not steal, exploit, or cause suffering. Select a just vocation. Do not leave your personal values at the door.'Just doing my job' is never enough.
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Deep Pledge
Work on each element...

Join others in your community in making conflict meaningful
Join others in your community in building Visionary Peace
Put an end to the cycle of global, local and personal conflict
– Put an end to war in yourself. Discover your own part in creating conflict, including what you do for work, entertainment and in your daily life.
– Become capable of peace.
– Respond to conflict by transforming the conflict situation.
– Recognize and atone for your complicity in causing harm. Repent for your own brutality.
– Look at evil with the eyes of a mother.
As a Participant, you can:
– Receive notifications about actions, events and gatherings in conflict in your community.
– Help envision a solution to the perennial problems we face in this area.
– Join the businesses and organizations in conflict you use, reenvisioning the role they place.
– Be informed of and take part in special public projects for building a Visionary Peace.
– Announce your participation in this community of those working to reconceive and rebuild life in this area!


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The Present
"The sword is the pride of man; arsenals, military bases, nuclear weapons lend supremacy to nations. War is the climax of ingenuity, the object of supreme dedication....The most basic way in which all men may be divided is between those who believe that war is unnecessary and those who believe that war is inevitable; between those to whom the sword is the symbol of honor and those to whom seeking to convert swords into plowshares is the only way to keep our civilization from disaster."
Abraham Heschel,
You may not offend anybody; you may not harbor an uncharitable thought, even in connection with one who may consider himself to be your enemy… A man who believes in the efficacy of this doctrine finds in the ultimate stage, when he is about to reach the goal, the whole world at his feet. If you express your love - Ahimsa - in such a manner that it impresses itself indelibly upon your so-called enemy, he must return that love.
Mohandas Gandhi,