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Visionary Society is meant to grow naturally by those who have a special interest in any aspect of it, and would like to help develop that part in their community.

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Visionary Society Quest
Start cultivating this work of art that is your life

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Have you had your identity crisis yet?

Like sunrise over a dark land, suddenly a whole new landscape is illuminated...

In every area of life we meet a mystery, a disjunction between the way things are now and how they should be. There is a conflict between our limited knowledge, our weak nature, our poorly formed social institutions, and our higher nature and our highest vision. This conflict is a good thing. It is an opportunity to step off the treadmill and reimagine our entire approach.

Solving the problem intellectually or through some kind of social plan will not help much. Instead, focus your attention on the intractable enigma.

Join us in entering into the mystery of this impossible, beautiful question. If you ask the question fully, with all your will, and with good will, an answer will appear – one that challenges our assumptions and reconceives our humanity.

“The question is the beginning of all thinking. In knowing how to ask the right question lies the only hope of arriving at an answer.” Abraham Heschel, Man Is Not Alone 

“We never put the impossible question – we are always putting the question of what is possible. If you put an impossible question, your mind then has to find the answer in terms of the impossible – not of what is possible. It was impossible to go to the moon… If you put it with tremendous earnestness, with seriousness, with passion, you’ll find out. But if you say, ‘Oh, it is possible,’ then you are stuck.” J. Krishnamurti, The Impossible Question

How do you use your personal resources: time, interests, skills, talents, money?
What do you do for money? What do you do for fun? What do you do for creativity?
How do you help others? What do you need help with?
What is your vocation?
Money (Work)
What do you do to survive?
Can money be a force for good?
Culture (Entertainment, Leisure)
What do you put into your mind?
Can culture transform, not just satisfy?
Body (Health, Food)
What is a healthy body, mind and heart?
What should we put into and do with our body?
Learning (Education, Media)
What do you really know?
What do you need to know?
Why do we fight our own brothers?
Can we turn misery into mystery?
Spirituality (Belief)
Can we make a place for the sacred in the actual lives we lead?
Why is spirituality incapable of addressing materialism?
Join the community in resolving these basic questions in any area of your life. We will contact you as actions, events and opportunities occur.
Government (Society)
What do we need to depend on the state for?
Are you worthy of democracy? Can the citizen make a difference?