Quest path for conflict

Is profound peace possible?

Begin with the impossible question: Why do we fight our own brothers?
In a competitive society, is force necessary? Can we find what is good and true in our adversaries? Can we resolve conflict before it starts? Can we put an end to war in ourselves? Can we make war unnecessary?

Current situation
Our whole society is based on conflict. That includes the military, police and criminal justice system, which obviously are based on the use of force. But every social institution is competitive and adversarial (and corrupt). There is conflict at every layer of life.

Look at evil with the eyes of a mother.
Put an end to war in yourself.
Fight for the good.
Use force for protection, assistance, and building, rather than aggression.

Explore the meaning of conflict and peace in Topics. Enter the topic spiral for any conflict you (or your nation) are involved in.
The meaning of war
Specific global and local conflicts
What is Profound peace?
The military, prisons, police, etc.

Practice is understanding at the heart level. Guided, active meditation in a group setting with the goal of entering a mystery. More at our local meetings.
How do you create the world around you through your own character?

Respond to an impossible conflict
1. Think of any conflict (global, political or personal)
2. What is the ROOT of the problem?
3. What is something REAL you’ve seen?
4. Say something GOOD about those you disagree with.

What is Quest Path?
Quest path is the totality of a response to a mystery. What you do with your talents and passion, money and time? Do not underestimate yourself. Everyone must find out for themselves, but we can work help each other along. Quest is the exploration of who we are and who we must become. Quest is aliveness. It is community. It is revolutionary.

Visionary Society Action is an alternative to standard activism. See articles in this edition for details.

Profound peace
Profound Peace is a direct, personal, collaborative response to personal and global conflicts, with the goal of resolving conflict at the root level, through introspection and direct, personal, collaborative action.

Give back the night
It’s not the duty of the abused to stop abuse, or the enslaved to fight for freedom. It’s we men who are responsible, and it’s we who must give – by mastering our own identity – in order to prevent women from having to protect themselves.

Sibling cities
Sibling Cities is true friendship with your distant counterparts. Can communities reach out to each other, even though they are separated by barriers of nationality, language, culture and history? If so, they will have to become sisters.
If true friendship is possible between people it is also possible between communities.

Pledge for professionals involved in any kind of dysfunction. Invite soldiers, police, security guards to change force into understanding.
Police: Protect, understand and help. Respond to the living human being in front of you.
Soldiers: Fight for the good. There is a goal more important the victory or national interest.
Security guards: Redefine the role of security guards as helping, resolving, teaching, and sharing, rather than commanding and enforcing.

“Is it possible to totally end every form of violence in ourselves and still live in this monstrously brutal world?” J. Krishnamurti

What can you do?
→ How can you make the world better? Join a Proposal or add your own.
→ Read the articles in this edition. Each has ideas for further action.
→ Sibling Cities. Find your long lost brother or sister in a faraway land.
→ Explore the Topic to find the root of the problems discussed in this edition.
→ Sign up for our newsletter and receive notifications about actions and events in your community.
→ Help out with Visionary News. Pick up a few copies to post at a cafe or restaurant. Write a simple article on news of the real.
→ RSVP to show your interest in attending a meeting with like-minded people in your community.

→ Add your own articles or even create your own edition.

Do you have your own ideas for dissolving conflict? Use Proposals to ask for support from your brothers and sisters.

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