Proposals: How can you make the world better?

Proposals is a new forum for personal community engagement, based on heart-centered care for making the world better.

What do you care about, are concerned with, need help with or want to help? What can you offer to the public, teach or contribute to? What do you need help with? How can you address a practical or long-term problem?

How it works

Who can use Proposals? Individuals, informal groups, businesses and non-profits. That is, anyone. Choose the options you need to create the experience you want. You may ask participants to raise funds, provide direct services or training, or contact other non-profits for assistance.

What kind of Proposal can you make?

Something you need help with
Ask community members to help with a cause. Promote a task, event or project.
Ask for help with a project you are working on.
Ask for volunteers.
Raise funds.
Someone is alone, abandoned, depressed, addicted, or imprisoned, and needs help

Offer something to the public
Teach something.
Create something new in the community
Share or give something you have.
Schedule a meeting on a topic of importance.

Share something you care about
Tell a story about something that matters to you.
Share your thoughts about how to make the community better.
Anything else based on heart-centered concern for making a more beautiful world!

We don’t need another marketplace of anonymous, impersonal, self-interested individuals. Instead, we can share what is important to us with each other. We can show that sensitivity is possible, that money and success are not everything.

How can you get started?

• Browse Proposals to find one that interests you.
• Learn about the proposal and the lives of participants.
• Join a Zoom or Skype meeting to meet the local Guide and participants.
• Contribute something (a small amount of money or something useful such as medical supplies).
• Write a letter to an organization able to provide help (such as food or medical care).
• Add to your Profile, sharing with friends thoughts about how you want to improve the community.

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