Profound Peace

Step out of the cycle of global conflict, politics and activism

Profound peace is resolving conflict before it arises. Step out of the cycle of global conflict, politics and activism.

Profound Peace is a direct, personal, collaborative response to personal and global conflict, with the goal of resolving conflict at the root level, through introspection and direct collaborative action.
Establish meaningful, collaborative and peaceful relationships. It’s not as hard as it seems. All we need is understanding, compassion, and courage.

What will we do?
Let’s begin with a public event in which we present this transformative idea to anyone interested, showing how we can reimagine standard approaches to conflict. Instead of taking sides, demonstrate how it is possible to reach the heart of everyone involved. Then, we can form a Peace Brigade for any conflict, in which participants take a pledge for deep understanding of opposing sides with the goal of establishing genuine communication.

Profound Peace includes:
– Pledges for soldiers, police, judges and lawyers, to establish a vision for basic humanity and helpfulness in their profession.
– Requests to prisons, security guard companies, police departments and military bases to start taking steps to change aggression into cooperation.

Understand the grievances of the opposing side.
Understand the suffering of the opposing side.
Understand one's own role in aggression.
Look for the flaws, but focus on the good.
Active collaboration with any and all people and organizations.

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