Salem convenience stores do not carry local products

A review of a number of local store shelves show that most stores carry very little – if anything – in the way of local products. One Shell convenience store and gas station owned by the SanJay company offers no local products of any kind. Another Shell station owned by the Jackson’s chain, located on South Commercial, was also void of local products.

Request: “Sell snacks and sandwiches made locally and fresh”
Buy locally whenever possible, purchasing from rural, inner-city, and other locally owned companies and producers, protecting local natural resources.

Many Salem convenience stores sell processed food laden with preservatives. They sell cigarettes, gasoline, alcohol and pre-packaged food. Many are run by national corporations based hundreds of miles away, and so have little knowledge of or interest in improving the local economy and the health of the people.
Salem, Oregon businesses produce a wide range of products that would fit well in a convenience store. Even popular Kettle Chips, manufactured in Salem, Oregon, are not present on the shelves of most of our convenience stores.

Can stores sell packaged food that benefits the community and the individual?



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