All Salem supermarkets sell meat from factory farms

All of the Salem supermarkets we visited sold meat from farms that raise meat under abusive conditions.

Roth’s IGA, while carrying plenty of factory farm beef, maintains a selection of packaged beef that is not factory farmed – grass-fed, and by all accounts, a cut above the standard meats. Winco, an employee-owned store, is similar to IGA in that it carries an assortment of both factory farm meat, and healthier, kinder meat products.
You definitely pay more for products that do not originate from a factory farm. Stores that are more specialized, like Trader Joe’s, are quite similar in practice to the two aforementioned stores. While an effort is clearly made to offer healthier foods, most of the beef at Trader Joe’s is actually factory farm meat. The store offers a variety of other more moral meats, but even the beef sold under the store's name originates from factory farms.
The one store we visited in Salem that makes an active effort to source meat from farms where animals were treated humanely is Natural Foods. This store’s employees are well-versed when discussing the merits of their store. One employee explained that the store has extremely strict guidelines and does not sell any factory farm food. We did find a single item that may actually be produced in a factory farm: Mulay’s Breakfast Sausage. While the packaging does say that there are no antibiotics, no MSG, and fed a vegetarian diet, it says little about the way the animals were treated.

Request: “Sell snacks and sandwiches made locally and fresh”
Buy locally whenever possible, purchasing from rural, inner-city, and other locally owned companies and producers, protecting local natural resources.


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